A Brief Introduction

Hash Peers is a technology start-up founded in 2015. The idea was to come up with a start-up that will grow into an IT firm with global popularity. The vision - to use technology as empowerment for the community and set up an atmosphere of technology across the state in order to give a new outlook to the lives there.

Currently Hash Peers is in the phase of expanding its domains. We're already handling projects in Web and App Development. One might wonder what's different in Hash Peers as there are already guys doing similar stuff. Well it's the professionalism, dedication, deployment of latest technology and above all honesty we put in our work that makes it standalone on the stage.

We've already come up with products like kprintersasso.org, kashmircolors.com. Stay tuned while we bang the market with more amazing things. Contact us for any service from our domains, we'll be happy to serve with our out of the box services.

Our Clients