The 'Fireball Automatic Fire Extinguisher' Rolls on its Own

Updated by Faizan Nabi on September 09, 2017

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The 'Fireball Automatic Fire Extinguisher' Rolls on its Own

The 'Fireball Automatic Fire Extinguisher' is a conceptual fire-fighting aid that would provide emergency respondents and civilians with a safer method of extinguishing a fire. Featuring a circular form, this device can autonomously roll through a home, effectively offering a hands-free method of putting out or managing a fire without sending people into the dangerous environment. Jae Young Kim, the designer behind this creation, realized that traditional home extinguishers are not well suited for children, or people with physical limitations, prompting the creation of an alternative that can be easily controlled by any user. In the event of an emergency, the device could offer homeowners a necessary means of fire suppression, leaving those trapped with a greater opportunity for a successful evacuation.

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