This Ambulatory Smart Fridge Can Bring Your Drinks To You

Updated by Faizan Nabi on September 08, 2017

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This Ambulatory Smart Fridge Can Bring Your Drinks To You

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic recently unveiled a refrigerator concept that, if brought to reality, would put an end to the age-old tradition of people ambling over to their refrigerators to grab a drink or a midnight snack, by bringing the fridge to you. Aptly named the Movable Fridge concept, this piece of smart technology comes fitted with a variety of sensors to enable it to move around without bumping into things. That means that you can laze on your couch all day and summon your refrigerator and have it come to you, rather than vice versa. There are no clear plans to bring this refrigerator concept to reality as of now, but when you consider that gadgets from vacuum cleaners to alarm clocks are embracing smart technology and artificial intelligence, it's not a far cry to envision the Movable Fridge as a fixture in next-generation kitchens.

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