This app will tell you how long airport security wait times will be

Updated by Faizan Nabi on January 26, 2018

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This app will tell you how long airport security wait times will be

Travel-organizing app TripIt has released a new feature that will provide estimated security wait times and show flyers where to join the shortest lines. Three hours before their flight, travelers subscribed to TripIt Pro will receive an alert showing them current wait times at airport security. Flyers can also check the app for real-time updates. For travelers planning some serious shopping at duty-free, that means knowing if they need to leave early to factor in long security wait times, or they have some extra wiggle room. The same goes for long airport good-byes: Real-time updates could take the guesswork out of knowing how long flyers have to bid adieu to loved ones before passing through security. The app's built-in airport map will also show harried flyers their nearest checkpoint, how to find the shortest security line, and where to find the nearest restroom or restaurant. TripIt is the latest mobile app to provide real-time updates on security line waits. MiFlight, Fleet and flightSpeak also offer similar features. While the basic TripIt travel app is free, the security wait time feature is only available to TripIt Pro users, which costs $49/year. The update is available for select airports, starting with Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, DenverInternational Airport, Orlando International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

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