The WildKale App Helps Farmers Deliver Produce Directly to Customers

Updated by Faizan Nabi on September 16, 2017

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The WildKale App Helps Farmers Deliver Produce Directly to Customers

WildKale is an online and app-based produce delivery app that is designed to make it possible for farmers to deliver their fresh produce directly to customers. Available to consumers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut, the WildKale service works in conjunction with around 30 farms, whose operators don't even have to step out of their homes and farms or deal with middlemen in order to deliver to customers, as long as customers are located within a 300-mile radius. Customers simply have to go to the website or app and enter their zip code to view a list of eligible farmers able to deliver to them. This produce delivery app helps farmers by allowing them to streamline sales directly to customers, and assists consumers by making it easier for them access the freshest produce, while helping the local economy.

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